Right, where do I start. When I first began learning about belts I thought there were no rules, that I could throw any belt on with any bottoms. However, that was as big a mistake as Manchester United purchasing Djema Djema (If you dont know who that is, well he’s a football player who is piping hot shit, not luke warm or blazing hot but PIPING HOT!) Listen…belts are a requirement, not only because they keep your pants up, but also because they provide that stylish visual break between top and bottom. A must.

Pick up these belts and your belt shopping will be done forever! “Forever ever. Forever ever?” (It’s an ‘Outkast’ tune if your lost)

Leather Dress Belt

Probably the most common and essential accessory in any man’s wardrobe, the leather dress belt will see you through every formal event you find yourself in. From business attire to those unexpected funerals/weddings.

Just make sure you purchase a good-quality black and brown leather dress belt and don’t ever try and re-use those C&A belts that came with your school trousers. If you do, we’ll find you. And kill you.

Leather Casual Belt

The casual leather belt is a classic and one that most men are familiar with.  They are thicker, chunkier and rougher in finish in comparison to the dress belt. They can be worn with most bottoms, ranging from jeans to shorts, cargo pants to chinos. You’ll know what bottoms can be worn with a casual belt, as the loop holes around the waist will be big enough to fit one.

The three main colours are black, chocolate brown and tan. By purchasing these three, you’ll have every casual outfit covered.

Skinny Belt



Skinny belts create a chic look to your outfit. A trendier option to that of the classic leather casual/dress belt, skinny belts are now being produced in both casual and formal styles. The skinny belt is designed to reveal more of the trousers’ fabric around your waist.

It’s vitally important to get the exact fit with skinny belts, as the whole point of the slim design is to reveal the trousers waistband.  And with designs ranging from leather to patent to plastic, we’ve got many to match our ties…hint hint.

Woven Belt

Woven belts are strictly casual. They provide a fresh change for those looking to add a little texture into their outfits. Usually worn in the summer with lighter summer fabrics, they can also be pulled off with denim very stylishly. For the sake off all things good, don’t wear this belt with a suit.

Buckle Belt

The buckle belt is synonymous with the cowboy and western look. Their width is a lot wider and thicker and are designed to be worn with denim. There is a new style hitting the market, especially popular in markets within London, which allow you to change the buckle on your belt. Designs range from famous brand logos to characters and signs.

Buckle belts are a great way to show off your personality and stand out front from the crowd and the colours and designs available provide an opportunity to colour co-ordinate your outfit too.

Just make sure they aren’t too loud or outlandish. (They are not classic, but more for fun.) The trick with buckle belts is to not go too large with the buckle; it should never exceed the size of your fist.

Wearing your car wheel on your crotch should be left to the rappers.

Fabric Belt

Fabric belts are highly underrated. Less common than the leather styles and a lot more difficult to pull off but when styled well, they can seperate you from the averagly-dressed guy.

They are usually worn in the summer and styled with a light pair of bottoms. Rock them with white, beige or navy chinos to really bring them out.

That’s all the belt preaching from me!

As Always,

Stay Stylish

Aaron C.

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