Cardigans have now managed to surpass the term ‘trend’ and enter the wonderful world of the ‘staple’, becoming an essential part of every man’s wardrobe.

But for most guys, there seems to be so much choice and no explanation of what’ what. So, as always, we took it upon ourselves to make your lives easier when concerning all your stylistic problems.

Tuck in your chair and let us fill you in on everything you need to know about all the cardigan styles. Here goes…

Shawl Collar

The shawl collar cardigan is a massive trend right now. This particular cardigan features a turned down collar as seen in the pictures above. Depending on the design, the collar can drop as far down as your hip or can reach as high as your collar bone.

They usually come in thicker knits and are often used as the outer most layer in some outfits.

These cardi’s are best teamed with a shirt, as the shawl collar compliments the shirt collar allowing it to rest neatly above or beneath it.

Best style: ASOS Belted Cardigan

Double Breasted

Much like the shawl collar, the double-breasted cardigan is enjoy a renaissance and it too comes in a wide variety of styles. The height and position of the buttons affects the style enormously; lower placed buttons reveal more of the wearers inner layers and can be used to reveal a bright colour shirt or tie.

Higher placed buttons obviously cover up more of the body and are usually thicker knits, as they are meant to be worn as an outer layer rather than a thinner piece. Again it’s down to personal choice.

Best Style: Daniele Alessandrini Double Button Cardigan


The patterned cardigan allows us to express ourselves a little more. Most of the time, cardigans are used as layering pieces, mainly kept simple to bring out another item of clothing we have on, like a tie for example.

But patterned cardigans present us with a new option. If they are made of a lightweight fabric, then the colors and patterns can help bring an outfit together through combination of colour/pattern.

If they are of a thicker material and used as and outer layer, then they can be rocked as a statement piece like  the blue plaid cardigan above. Remember, if you wear a patterned cardigan it’s best the layers you wear beneath are as simple as possible. Too many colours/graphics or patterns will clash and spoil your overall look, making you look like the sweet man, Bertie Basset.

A great way to change up your usual look, especially if you’re fed up of graphic T’s and sweaters.

Best StyleFolk Cardigan

Chunky Knit

Chunky knits have be plastered all over the catwalk this season. They are easily noticeable as they are almost always made from thicker, heavier fabrics like wool. They are a great way to add texture and weight to your look and are a nice substitute for jackets, so long as the forecast doesn’t predict rain.

They come in an array of styles from shawl collars to double-breasted to patterned but NEVER wear one as a inner layer or you’ll end up looking like the Michelin man.



Sleeveless cardigans are NOT ‘tank tops’ the reason being is because they have buttons. They are basically cardigans minus the sleeves and they are extremely versatile.

The can be worn with T-shirts and shirts though if wearing one with a shirt, we suggest rolling up your sleeves.

If left unrolled, they can  unbalance your look and make your arms look like long monkey arms. Just another alternative to the standard cardigan.

Best Style: Jack

Right, that’s cardigans out of the way. Before we leave, we want to explain one more thing. I’ve been seeing many guys wearing stylish cardigans and then pairing them with a graphic T-shirt.

Unless the design on the T-shirt is small enough to see in the V of the cardigan then DON’T do it. It spoils both the T-shirt and the cardigan. You may as well wear a football shirt with a suit. People can’t see the whole print and are left with snippets which just unbalance the look and take attention away from the cardigan. It’s all a little unfinished and looks untidy.

But if you choose to do so, keep your cardigan unbuttoned, that way everyone can see the design and the cardi working in perfect harmony.

Enough preaching.

As Always,

Stay Stylish

Aaron C.

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