Just when you thought you had your wardrobe fully covered…we’re back on our staple journey. This week we have another five pieces that are vital in aiding a man on quest for style supremacy. So let’s not waste any time and get straight to it. 

6. Grey Cashmere Scarf


Cashmere will last forever and this beauty will feel like the Honey Monster has you in a choke-hold (in a good way.) The grey colour will work with anything from a dark suit to a light denim jacket.

A scarf also adds another element to your look and the different ways in which you can tie it will help bring out your own personal style.

7. Grey Cashmere Sweater 

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Cashmere, again, has long had a reputation as being durable, comfortable as well as being noted for being refined and what’s more, it’s far less likely to pill. 

A charcoal colour palette will go perfectly with a dark suit in Autumn or Winter as it does with a pair of jeans or chinos in Spring. The neck style is down to your preference; V-necks allow you to show off more of your tie when paired with a shirt while Crewnecks are beginning to make a comeback on the runways recently. It’s totally up to you. 

8. Blue Dress Jeans


A good quality pair of classic blue straight leg jeans are timeless. They’re an American classic and there probably isn’t an American (or Englishmen) alive who doesn’t own a pair.

You can wear smart shoes or trainers with them and rock them with a T-shirt or tweed blazer. Come to think about it, there probably isn’t anything you can’t pair with a pair of good blue jeans.  The darker they are, the dressier they will look (unless you go for a baggier, comfort fit.)

9. Black Leather Belt 


You should be wearing a belt at all times. The only time you’re excused is at a black tie event with a tuxedo on. And the first belt a man should own is a black leather one.

Like we’ve come to discover with most of these staples, a black leather belt holds great versatility. It can be paired up with a suit as well as with a pair of jeans. A high quality leather one will last you a lifetime. Make sure you pick a belt that is your exact waist measurement and wear it on the middle hole. The two holes either side of the used one provide a little space for the gain and loss of weight.

10. Black Socks


Unless your playing sports, stay away from white socks as much as possible. You should be upgrading your socks about every six months as they wear out and look battered fairly quickly.

We know that those two- striped £2 market socks were so comfortable, but they get holey very quickly. Boys wear white sport socks. Men wear black cotton socks. The choice is yours…man.

Stay Stylish, 

Aaron C.

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