This week we show you another five great brands. Feast your eyes on these…….

6. Gravis


Gravis are a brand that you’d look at and think ‘not really for me.’ That’s what I initially thought when I saw them in Topman. But they’ve now upped their game. Their LOWDOWN HC MNS and STANTON MID’s may be a little simple and don’t exactly break any boundaries in terms of innovative design, but they’re a nice little alternative to Vans.

 Experimenting with new brands is something I’ve grown to love. It’s time for others to follow.  



7. PF Flyers


If Gravis are your alternative to Vans, the PF Fylers are the flipside to Converse. Originally known as Posture Foundation due to their patented insole technology back in 1933, PF Flyers do some great canvas style pumps that are perfect for rocking with trousers as well as jeans.

Our pick of the bunch would have to be their Glide collection; a high top basketball sneaker- these carry with them a 70’s vintage look. Definately a pair of kicks that your boys won’t have heard of. 



8. Pointer 


The Pointer brand has always been a favourite here at Individualism. These smart sneakers really work well on a number of levels; the design is simple whilst paying homage to many classic men’s shoe styles. Pointer can be seen as the mature man’s sneaker/trainer. 



9. Striipe


Striipe is a brand that originally began out in Denmark and have since been expanding throughout Europe. A great little brand that works colour really well into their designs. 



10. Creative Recreation


Why this LA based brand hasn’t blown up over on these shores is one of life’s mysteries. Maybe it’s because of their branding strategy…but we’ll never know.

But what we do know is that they have been producing fantastic trainers for over five years now and have a massive following over in the States. The Cesario (above left) is their most iconic design. With 100’s of colourways, you’re really spoilt for choice. It’s not a matter of IF you’re going to get them but WHEN!


Stay Stylish, 

Aaron C.