Yesterday I came back from the most inspirational, relaxing and energy-boosting holiday ever! A superb six days in New York and a fantastic four in Miami.

When I arrived back in London, I took the tube straight home from the airport and as I stepped onto the platform in Stratford, my face was greeted by a harsh icy wind and my eyes by an ever cloudy grey sky.

But I wasn’t about to let capitals’ weather dampen my spirits, as I had been in the land of the life coaches I’d taken onboard their famous ‘positive thinking‘; the ability to reframe your negative situations.

So rather than moan about the terrible weather, I paused, reframed and began thinking what good could be harvested from this situation. It didn’t seem to surprise me that the answer lie in the realm of fashion.

It was the perfect excuse to go hunting for a stylish winter jacket.

Now I’m sure there are many guys who are in a similar boat as myself and need to upgrade their own winter staple. So take this weeks ‘P.O.T.W’. as a benchmark as to what you should be looking for if you can’t afford to actually buy it.

This Woolpacker coat boasts a 100% sheepskin shawl collar.  Its one-piece covers the shoulders, upper back and sleeves and provides a second layer of protection and warmth. The leather loop fastens across the collar to hold it in place when turned up around your face and it also has a button enclosure at the wrist cuffs and even a rear gusset for horseback riding.

Finally if that isn’t enough (the horse back riding element should have sold it), its shade of grey will sit perfectly with the rest of your garments in your Autumn wardrobe.

Pick yours up here.

As Always,

Stay Stylish

Aaron C.

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