There’s a famous saying regarding classic men’s style: ‘Shoes maketh the man’. There is also a reason why it has stood the test of time and been rewarded with the title classic…Because it’s true!

There are many things that stand the test of time. Stacey Dash’s beauty, Jimmy Nail’s voice and the saying ‘Shoes Maketh the man’. Why?  Because they never change and will always stay true.

Now we have that clear we can get on to what dress shoes are? If you don’t already know, dress shoes are the shoes that are your most formal of footwear. There are shoes that are classier but still works as casual, i.e. loafers, driving mocks and boat shoes. All very stylish but they don’t belong in this category. Dress shoes are the ones that you’ll be wearing with your suits/tuxes etc.

Your classier piece. It’s the Berbatov of the shoe world. The west London girls as apposed to the south (bring on the hate mail!)

So let’s get to it.

Oxford Toe Cap

black-oxford-largeFolk Clothing

This is a classic shoe. Mainly available in black, the Oxford toe cap is similar to it’s simpler cousin, the Oxford. However, it has the addition of the toecap. It is generally down to a choice of personal taste. I have an incline towards the toe cap. For a modern look try to find one in which the welt (the seam where the upper meets the sole and creates the out edge of the shoe)  does not protrude showing a wide base or you’ll risk looking like Mr Millar from my primary school. The slimmer silhouettes are modern and chic.

Plain Oxford

garnier_2_profil.jpg 750×425 pixelsPE3_LOB04_CH_VI_BIG.jpg 400×400 pixels

It’s exactly what it says. They are great for suits and business wear yet they can also be worn with a good pair of well fitting dark indigo dress jeans. They are the cornerstone of a stylish man’s wardrobe, the central defence partnership in football terms.

Wing Tip Oxford Brouge

750_1.jpg 600×600 pixels3583627599_cd25c2b683_o.jpg 575×519 pixels

Takes it’s name from the pattern on the side resembling a wing. Wingtips hold a rich heritage look. The baroque pattern in synonymous with the style. Very British and very classic. A good quality brown pair will last a lifetime and never go out of fashion. They also add a touch of flair to the serious business look.

Monk Strap

ASHILL_profil.jpg 750×425 pixels-1lobb.jpg 400×241 pixels

Out of all the dress shoes this is the least formal, however they are a great alternative to loafers and are universally flattering. If tying your shoelaces is all a bit too much bother, these are the perfect answer! Monk straps are a nice change to the lace up’s. There are a great variety of styles and designs from one or two buckles, leather, suede, black or blue.

As Always,

Stay Stylish

Aaron C.

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