Only Dad used to shop at Lewis, as it was a little too ‘fancy’ for us. But not anymore mate! Things are changing…Today, John Lewis invited us to take a sneak-peek at their new menswear collaboration with Joe Casely Hayford.

We confidently knocked on the wrong door at first but finally found the entrance and glanced down at the ‘sign in sheet’, and with big shots such as shortlist among them, we knew we’d be in for a treat.

We’ll be cathing up with Joe soon to get a more thorough look at the collection, while stealing some general tips from the great man. Until then, take a look at a few pics we snapped while we were there.

One of our favourite pieces from the collection. I had to drag Reuben away after 2o minutes of solid staring.

The collection sees a few further collaborations with some other great British brands. The Barbour jacket above-left is just one that caught our eye. We’ll be touching upon this a little more in our full feature.

Here’s a terribly taken photo of the collection (purposefully done, so to not give too much away until the feature drops!) And finally, a picture of myself and Reuben with designer Joe Casely Hayford.

Stay tuned!