This week’s P.O.T.W. comes from a brand that most young fellas would tend to veer away from, but with a revamped website and some great new collaborations, the big JL or John Lewis are upping their style game for 2010.

We’ve always said change is gonna come! It’s exciting times!

This week we styled up their gilet. You know it’s sexy.

Now due to our re-launch, we have been mad busy and so couldn’t get this post up earlier, so unfortunately it isn’t available anymore. Sorry guys. However we did find a very similar style which is available here.

These style shoots are to provide a little stylistic inspiration for you guys. The gilet is fast becoming a staple in every man’s winter wardrobe. And as you know, it’s winter eight months out of our 12 over on these chilly shores, so you’ll be well advised to invest in one.

Here, we team the gilet with a denim shirt and a plaid cotton tie. We kept the the tones as similar as possible playing with blues and and greens. A simple, clean blue leather belt helps pull the look in.

Styling: Aaron & Reuben Photography: Earl Alburo

To finish the look we teamed it with a pair of camel jeans; they are great with navy blue as you can see, and finish the overall look very well. A simple, clean casual weekend look that everyone should be able to pull off. 

To add variety, you could play with different accessories, changing up the belt and tie combos to add your own flavour into the mix.

Head over to John Lewis now to pick up a gilet and to see what you’ve been missing all these years, you judgmental guys you.


Stay Stylish,

Aaron & Reuben C.