Firstly may we introduce you to our revamped Good Look/Bad Look. The pictures that are posted in Good Look/Bad Look aren’t supposed to look amazing, rather a reflection of my weekly observations. Now I’m not sure about you but taking a digital SLR picture of a bad look is pretty difficult (especially if the offender is sitting directly in front of you on the Central line). Consequently, the best way I can snap many of these pictures is through the use of my trusty iPhone, thus the quality suffers a little. Anyway the main premise behind this post is that it’s a visual diary so to speak, so we thought we’d gloss it up a little.

So enough of my self-convincing and onto this week’s lessons…


This week we went into the National Geographic store on Regent Street! Yeah, don’t ask why but we did. Upon arrival, we  found that, apart from being a decent time waster, it’s actually a great mini-menswear store. Their range of quality, classic shoes are a prime examples; all different shades of brown yet all timelessly stylish. Loafers, desert boots and Oxford shoes… who can argue with that?

Last week I had a clear out (an essential task for any stylish man) and without fail, just like every time I do this, there was one bastard item that I felt I couldn’t get rid of despite me not using it for about three years.

This time it was a pair of golf shoes by Adidas that I purchased during my uni years. They’re certainly a statement piece because the next day I wore them, I got mad compliments. I love the baroque (brogue style) pattern. Admittedly, they’re not to everyone’s taste but it’s certainly a good look for me.


I personally feel it’s HARD to get your footwear wrong, but 99% of the people on my tube prove me wrong each and every day. The first picture shows a gentleman wearing a pair of dress shoes with cargo pants.

Firstly the trousers are too baggy for the shoes; flooding over the footwear is never a good thing  and it’s a sure-fire way of showing that you need to change things up. Secondly, cargo pants are a causal item and should NEVER be rocked with dress shoes. It’s almost as horrid a sight as this guy.

The second picture is an all too common sight in my life. These square style slip on horrors look as good as my father in a thong. EXACTLY a hellish sight! Probably picked up from Shoe Express (if it still exists?)

Now I’m not saying cheap shoes are bad (though with shoes you do pair for quality especially when dealing with leather ) but it’s the style.You need to avoid these like an encounter with a West Ham fan after a home loss. Stick with a classic style.

Our Top 5 Shoes every man should own should help you out a little.