Since our beginning, Reuben and I have been working hard to bring you guys what we feel is missing on the Internet. With blogs, especially style/fashion related ones, popping up everywhere more than erections on, we are constantly striving to give you something fresh and directional.

That’s one reason why we have stayed away from posting style street pics. But, there has been a lack of decent stuff out there recently in our opinion. That’s why we thought we’d enter the frame.

Step forward Mr Ruwende.

Today, we officially introduce you to the newest member of the Individualism family. We won’t write on his behalf as you can read his words over on our About Page.

For now we’ll say we are extremely happy to have this talented and energetic chap on board. Nigel will be hitting the streets of London each week capturing the most swaggertastic fellas on the road for us to critique and show you why they do what they do so well, hopefully providing you with a little inspiration to go and get creative and up your own sartorial game. It’s a brand new weekly post with the highly original name of ‘Street Style Sundays’.

So, we continue to move forward and grow. Whatever happens over the next few years, one thing will remain true: we will always focus on providing you guys with unique and exciting content that sticks to our mission statement of ‘Making Men More Stylish’

As always people,

Stay Stylish

Aaron C.