Before you say anything, we didn’t single out all the fellas beginning with M. Random. Anyway, onto the pics.

Occupation: Interior Design Graduate

Martell’s look is one I find myself rocking every so often. It’s all about the details, something that Martell seems to have a good knowledge of; a simple denim blazer thrown over a plain white T-shirt. His accessories, however, is what turns this from being an ordinary look to one that stands out with swagger.

Set against the plain white backdrop of the classic t-shirt, the vintage paisley scarf provides enough pattern and colour to garner attention – a tried and tested look and one that never fails. The rest of the accessories seem to fuse the whole look.

The black beaded chain and ear studs strike a nice balance too. The three piercings are a personal touch that not everyone can pull off, but Martell does it well!

These two chaps have been singled out for their statement jackets. Sometimes you don’t need to work a complete outfit, as a single statement piece can be just as stylish, so long as the rest of your ensemble compliments it.

Here, both gents have a similar idea behind their look – a stand-out piece paired with a printed T-shirt and jeans.

Marcus’  Jacket: SOSU from Korea (We’ve seen Marcus about for years and he always has some new statement pieces on. They guy is a style guru. Watch out for him)

Manish’s Jacket: ORISUE from Karmaloop USA