Stopped by Fullcircle last week to say hello to a good friend of mine. As always he was impeccably dressed. What surprised me was that he was fully kitted out in Fullcircle gear. As I browsed around the store, it occured to me that they’ve really upped their game in the menswear department. My pick was the double-strap skinny tan belt. Shout out to Martell on this one!

All this blogging does have a negative side to it. However, re-framing has been one of my New Year resolutions, so when I got my eyes tested I saw it as an opportunity to add another element to my style game. These gold rimmed specs from Specsavers will be part of my collection very soon.


I know beards are ‘on trend’ right now but Holy smokes! This is taking it way too far! Maybe he was on his way to an audition for an ethnic King Triton?

Speaking about bad hair choices, this fella must have got a little excited about the new A-Team trailer. Possibly he lives in a trailer himself? Just saying.