Our resident Street Style photographer Nigel Ruwende captured some great shots this week. The perfect weather has been bringing out the stylish gents as well as the London’s sexiest women. Let’s learn some lessons, shall we?

Name: Tim

Occupation: Student

Favorite Shop: Matches– Marylebone

Never be caught in: H&M

Tim’s look is flawless; a great fitting blazer, knitted tie, beautiful pocket-square and some dapper brogues. It’s a classic look with a modern twist, courtesy of his rolled-up chinos. 10s all round!  

Name: Arjun

Occupation: Editorial Director of Libertine Magazine

Favorite Shop:Oxfam/Fabinida.com

Never be caught in:Westfield

Arjun’s look isn’t exactly something I’d put together myself – those baggy trousers on my black twigglets would just NOT work – but that’s what makes fashion/style great. It’s about adding your own elements to looks to make them yours. I do, however, love his leather rucksack.

Name: Rav

Occupation: Head Designer for House of Billiam

Favorite Shop: DSM

Never be caught in: Jack Wills

Rav’s look is über casual, relaxed and perfect for the summer. The buttoned-up checked shirt, rolled-up shorts and the statement piece – those dashing tan brogues…I’ve gotta add them to my collection now.

Stay Stylish,

Aaron C.