One of my favourite trends of yester-year is the super cool and slick80s casual wear. For some its known as terrace fashion but this brings about confusion and a whole lot of negative connotations, as terrace fashion is closely linked to footballhooliganism!

Usually when people think of this trend, it conjures up images of council estates, violenceand a bunch of skinhead racists clad in Harrington jackets and Dr Martens!But they arein fact wrong!!

80s casual wear is all about looking sharp! This is achieved by minimal styling and clean lines; and amod-influenced hairstyle goes down quite a treat too! There are a numberof brands that come under the casual umbrella such as Lyle & Scott, Fred Perry, Stone Island, Fila… Ithink you get my drift.

And then we have Gabicci – definitely my favourite of all the casual brands! Gabicci isnt exactly new, infact its pretty ancient! Ask your parents andI bet they will take youon a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

The brand firstlaunched in the 1970s and after a brief hiatus, theyve come back even stronger with two collections – The Vintage and The Classic, so decide where you fall on the casual-o-meter and rediscover the beauty that is Gabicci!

So tell me when it all got started?

Our very first collection was the Autumn of 1973.Lets go back in time,give us some history on the brand.

The brand was born in a Soho basement in the summer of that year and fast becamean underground style leader through the northern soul scene. Later adopted by the ‘Football Casuals’ during the 1980s, the brand has since remained intrinsically linked to both football and music.

Have you got a favourite piece from the current collection?

The bold check woven shirt, style Mariner.What is your USP?Unlike most at the moment, we are not a vintage sports brand.We have a much smarter, sharper handwriting but still with genuine heritage.What are you trying to achieve at Gabicci?We want guys to go out in a clean, smart look, but feel great about what they wear.Give us an INDIVIDUALISM exclusive.

We have just supplied some stuff recently to Beady Eye, the new band formed by Liam Gallager and Chris Sharrock of Oasis.Where can we get hold of your stuff?We’re stocked by retailers like Stuarts, Foot Asylum, Concept, Northern Threads, Mensroom, Sa-Kis and on line at ASOS and Mainline.Are there any other brands or designers that you particularly admire?

Paul SmithWhat can we expect from you guys in the future?In the short term more of the same really, but keeping on trend with colours and fits.What is your definition of style?For us it’s the sharp but casual look synonymous with the brand.Whats the one style item you couldn’t live without?

That’s tough. As a girl, I’m into accessories so it’s probably a scarf .Where do you think the industry is heading?I think in terms of style direction, things are getting cleaner and sharper which obviously suits us fine.What was your biggest obstacle when creating the brand? I don’t know because I’m far too young to have been there, still I’m glad they overcame it!If there is one item that every guy needs from Gabicci what would it be?Our bright cotton polo with the contrast piping Рitsan absolute must.So there you go, straight from the horses mouth. For purchase enquiries, visit www.gabicci.comKeep it yours,Ayishat