Name: Ethan

Occupation: N/A

Favourite shop: Hackett/Ralph Lauren

Never be caught in: Topman

Anyone that has a place in their heart for Hackett and Ralph Lauren, has a nice comfy chair next to Hackett and Ralph Lauren in my heart. After Ethan and I exchanged our views on quality shirts, I complimented his amazing tan leather Oxfords which he purchased in Italy.

Name: Joshua

Occupation: Jaeger Menswear Designer and Bespoke Tailor – Joshua Kane Bespoke

Favourite shop: Jaeger

Never be caught in: TheHigh Street as its too busy, enjoys quieter shopping experience

The first thing I noticed as I stepped into Starbucks -to purchase a refreshing strawberry and cream frappuccino -was Joshuas stand-out blazer, one that he made himself.

The rest of his ensemble complements his blazer wonderfully; from the blue button-down shirt and elegant watch to the slim navy tie and scissor tie bar. A very classic look with a dash of on-trend, rolled-up fitted jeans.

Name: Jee

Occupation: Assistant Buyer/Product Merchandiser for Oki-Ni

Favourite shop: Eclectic

Never be caught in: N/A

For all the street wear heads out there, youll recognise and respect Jees Nike X Hideout Air Footscape Woven sneakers. The same sneakers thathad enthusiasts lining up at 4am on the day of their release in Tokyo…I wonder if Jee was there?

Anywho, his gilet is great too, as it ties his look together really well against the navy. And the neck detail on his top -two thumbs up!