What time is it? Brand Watch time! And this week we bring you Uniform Wares, a watch brand that started with a drive to create beautifully-adorned wrists whatever your lifestyle.

Uniform Wares design products that override most in detail without the ‘bling’ and create a classy alternative for the guy who wants to roll up his sleeves. A true darling to the industry, Uniform Wares have had a ridiculously successful year and their ideas for the future will ensure the brand stays there.

Don’t underestimate the impact of such a subtle accessory- wear one and wear it well… for this very reason we bring you Uniform Wares. Enjoy!

How long has your brand been about?

We launched Uniform Wares in December 2009.

Tells us a little history about the brand…

The company founders are myself and Oliver Fowles. We both come from a furniture design background and collaborated together on a number of projects before turning our hand to watches. In late 2008, we had the idea to design a watch that we would both like to wear and a watch that we could afford. We were frustrated with the watch market in the £100 – £500 price range. The choices were either ‘fun’ watches, Swatch watches or over-designed fashion watches. 

Our aim initially was to create a pared down, unisex watch that was visually accessible and could be worn as an everyday practical watch. We are now becoming increasingly concerned with the addition of new materials and dial details in our later models.

What is your favorite piece in the current collection?

Our favourite watch in the current collection is probably the Rose Gold 200 Series with the Polished 200 Series coming in a close second.

What is your USP (Unique Selling Point)?

I’d say that we offer a simple, considered alternative to quartz watches at this price-point. We are stocked in both fashion and design stores which is a cross over that not many brands achieve. I think our watches tend to reference modern clothing rather than being obsessed with size or bling.

What are you trying to achieve at Uniform Wares?

We are trying to build an accessible brand that offers a collection of watches that have a kind of timeless appeal (excuse the pun).  This is something that some high end automatic watch brands do very well and we think that this is just as important at our price point.

Watches are one of the only male accessories that continues to grow in popularity and they are possibly more relevant now as a piece that expresses the wearer’s personality.

Give us an INDIVIDUALISM exclusive.

We will be launching a new watch model called the 300 Series in December. This will be a chronograph timepiece.  That’s all I can say about that.

Where can we get hold of your stuff?

Through our website www.uniformwares.com and through a select circle of international retailers that are listed on our website.

Are there any other brands or designers that you particularly admire?

For watches, Dr Ludwig Oechslin who designed the MIH watch. For design, Michael Marriott, a furniture designer who has an unrelenting design ethos that he stands true to on every project that he works on.

What can we expect from you guys in the future?

More watches and some collaborative projects with some exceptionally creative individuals.

What is your definition of style?

Perceived Effortlessness

What’s the one style item you couldn’t live without?

Our watches, of course

Where do you think the industry is heading?

I’d like to think that the watch industry is not heading in the same direction as we are. Quartz watches at our price-point seem to be more obsessed with fashion than integrity. I think high end watches are heading into the realms of serious micro engineering rather than being concerned with styling and everyday purpose.

What was your biggest obstacle when creating the brand?

The hardest thing for us initially was to persuade manufacturers to take us seriously as a new brand. Our initial quantities were low but we eventually found the right manufacturers who believed in what we were trying to do.

One of my style icons is the late (yet fabulous) Isabella Blow! People think it’s quite a weird one, but who do you guys consider to be your style icons?

Steve McQueen.

What tips would you give to our readers for maintaining their style?

Make room on your wrist for a watch. It’s the last thing you put on the morning and completes any outfit

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Keeping Style Yours,

Ayishat & Louize