If you’ve ever tried to quirk up an outfit with an accessory, like a tie or bowtie, then you’ve most probably walked into Tie Rack and been totally uninspired or maybe walked out with a brand new shade of… black.

All is ok, because this week’s Brand Watch is a label that is not only exciting, but enforces exactly what this site is all about- Individualism.

BOW! Specialise in bespoke pieces made to order, so I reckon your new black bow tie might just start gathering dust!

Ayishat has one already and Labrinth has his own collection… these 3D beauties are fresh off the press and waiting to be discovered by you.


How long has your brand/store been about?

Just over two years

Tells us a little history about the brand..

BOW! by oneoffpinkribbon started as a creative outlet whilst I was job hunting. I got bored looking for jobs and needed to do something different. I have always collected bits and bobs, fabrics, buttons, beads, etc. you know, just in case.

I started to play around with fabric and wadding that I had lying around, then the BOW! was born.

I made BOW! for myself and it started to gain interest from friends and family. I then made BOW!’s for them and then the word spread.

Since then BOW! has had catwalk shows, appeared in magazines and blogs, market stalls, sold in boutiques Poste Mistress and Sniff, runs workshops and have had a few colla-BOW!-rations!

Clients range from girls, guys, lawyers, pets, DJ Nikki Beatnik (Kelis’ DJ), Samuel Hextall (Paris Hilton’s British BBF), DJ Carlos and up-and-coming artists, Johnny Ghosts and Cherri V. BOW! is also perfect for gifts too!

I do not have a set collection per season. I work mainly on a BOW!-spoke basis. I sell different styles and encourage my clients to select their own colour/fabric. If they are more adventurous then they can talk to me about creating their own personal piece. If clients like what they see and want to buy it then they can do that too.

I make and create BOW!’s for the stylist in you!

I don’t want to tell my clients ‘this’ is this seasons colours, you have to buy it. I don’t tell people to follow fashion but encourage them to be the trend setters.

What is your favorite piece in the current collection?

My favourite piece is a BOW!-spoke necklace which is made from eight black velvet BOW!s on a necklace…..beautiful!

What is your USP (Unique Selling Point)?

My items are handmade and made for the stylist in you.

What are you trying to achieve at BOW!?

I encourage my clients to get involved with their BOW! piece and create something individual to their style. If you can dream it then I can make it (within reason). That piece is specific to the individual and they would be the first, if not, the only person to have it.

Give us an INDIVIDUALISM exclusive.

BOW! cufflinks

Where can we get hold of your stuff?

For BOW!-spoke, orders email:

oneoffpinkribbon@gmail.com www.oneoffpinkribbon.etsy.com www.folksy.com/shops/oneoffpinkribbon

Are there any other brands or designers that you particularly admire?

At the moment I am into Vivienne Westwood, COS and Boutique by Jaeger. But this changes from time to time. I can be brand loyal but if something catches my eye and I love it, it doesn’t matter where it’s from.

I love the imagination of John Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel and its classicality, and the glamour of Valentino.

What can we expect from you guys in the future?

Fun and quirky BOW! pieces.

What is your definition of style?

Style is individual. It’s what makes you happy and confident. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing – it’s how you wear it. That’s what gets you noticed and inspire others.

What’s the one style item you couldn’t live without?

It’s difficult to pick one. It depends on the outfit. Okay if I had to pick one, at this precise moment in time I’d say the silk head/neck scarf.

What was your biggest obstacle when creating the brand?

There’s no obstacles which I haven’t climbed over. I don’t really have any direct competition because I don’t mass produce BOW! pieces and each one is created with the client for a personal item.

One of my style icons is the late (and fabulous) Isabella Blow! People think it’s quite a weird one, who do you guys consider to be your style icons?

Of course there are the obvious style icons…Gwen Stefani, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Lady Gaga etc. Style icons, for me, are everyone and everything around me. I could be walking through a park and the colour of a leaf could catch my eye.

Someone on the tube dressed immaculately could catch my eye. This would then trigger something in my being to buy fabric to match what I had just seen. Style is everywhere; it’s just a matter of it catching you at the right time.

If there is one item that every guy needs from BOW! what would it be?

A BOW! tie!!! It’s fun, it’s formal, it’s a statement!

So there you have it!

Keeping Style Yours,