So, although it’s not style related, my online comedy series UK Talk to Me was first introduced to you guys nine months ago when we were a part of TV personality Reggie Yates’ creative collective, A Tribe Called Next.

Since then I’ve had so much fun speaking to strangers, getting sworn at, spat on and nearly beaten up…during every episode. It’s now time to try out some new stuff, so episode ten is the final episode.

I want to say a massive thank you to all who forwarded, blogged, re-tweeted or even mentioned UK Talk to Me to other people, and especially Aaron Christian and Earl Alburo who filmed all the madness.

Your support has been much appreciated and I hope my life-threatening idiocy brought a giggle or two to your lives.

If you haven’t seen any of the episodes, cancel all plans and check them out below. I’ll be keeping you all posted with the new comedy stuff that we’ll be doing as and when. Should be fun…

Episode 10 – What is Love? (feat Shakka)


Episode 9 – Columbo Special


Episode 8 – What is Sexy?


Episode 7 – Where Would you Rather Be? (feat Sam Pepper)


Episode 6 – Good Girls and Bad Guys (featuring Rian Peters)


Episode 5 What Would you Change About London?

Episode 4What Would You Do With A Million Pounds?

Episode 3 – What Are You Good At?

Episode 2.5 – What’s the Best Thing in the World, Part 2

Episode 2 – What’s The Best Thing in The World, Part 1

Episode 1 – What Makes You Angry?

Keep talking to strangers, you’ll never know who you’ll meet!