I was so impressed with the flowers I received for my birthday just gone that I had to share some of the floral love with you guys!

Now, as we all know, Liberty is the King – scratch that- Liberty is the Royal Family of Floral; floral for guys, floral for girls… if you want the best and most trendy floral, it’s all about Liberty!

So it’s no surprise that this week’s floral delight is courtesy of a collaboration between Victate and Liberty. The ethos behind Victate, ‘Be like no other, or become the others’, is not the sole reason why it was destined to end up on a site like ours, but it’s the unrelenting dedication to quality and detail. Its mission is to make sure every T-shirt is individually hand-printed, checked, labelled and packed to emphasise the calibre of garment every man should have in his wardrobe!

Although Victate is what we like to call a ‘baby brand’ – with only two years under its belt – it has managed to tune into the minds of men all over the world and provide them with something they didn’t even know they needed.

A well-fitted quality white tee, with a dash of something extra special, suitable for a day date, a night club – heck, even mum will go crazy when you wear it over for Sunday lunch!

Team this bad boy with some shorts (choose a coral or teal if you’re feeling brave) and a pair of soft brogues and you are more than good to go. Just don’t think that the flowers on the tee are the only ones you should turn up on a date with!

Keeping Style Yours,