It’s that product of the week time again and I would be crazy if I didn’t mention H&M’s Collaboration with Versace. This highly anticipated collection is on everyone’s lips and is invading the minds of fashionista’s all over the UK. I can tell you, we’ve definately had more conversations about this collection this week than we’ve conversated about Eastenders! Now- that’s a first. Versace has been such a big influence on style over the years- particularly throughout the 80’s and 90’s and in turn has influenced this era of the ‘vintage revival’ we are currently in more than people know. Being the fans of 90’s culture the way Ayishat and I are – this had to make an appearance on our POTW post. This collection isn’t out just yet but will hit selected stores around the UK mid November – so just in time for Christmas!! I wear a medium in girls and a small in mens – thanks in advance 😉

Keeping Style Yours,

Ayishat & Louize