“I like the idea of sending people out in my clothes with the emphasis being on the viewer not being able to put their finger on why that person looks so damn good” ~ Nick Hart

After Anthony attended the launch of the new Spencer Hart flagship store on Mayfair’s Brook street, it was apparent that this brand would be one he would keep a keen eye on. Being an avid lover of all things jazz, he was over the moon to learn the ethos of the brand was built around this era. Taking influence from icons in music and style such as Frank Sinatra,  Sammy Davis Jr and Miles Davis, just to name a few, it was not going to be long before he got himself a Spencer Hart suit!

The tailors over at Spencer Hart are taking measuring up to the next level! Instead of tailors chalk and numerous pieces of paper, they are now armed with the Samsung Galaxy Note. It allows the tailor to take a picture of the client and construct a suit from scratch. Additionally they are able to make notes on top of the image detailing what needs to be altered and tweaked ensuring the perfect fit on a made to measure suit.

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