This is actually a lot more difficult than I thought. Each post I try and make my last month look more interesting than it really was but in reality all my life consists of is reading my RSS feed and walking around Stratford looking for pictures for our Yes and No? post.  Anyhow hopefully you’ve stayed past the first word so here goes……

“So what have you actually been doing?” I hear you say. Well, February was actually pretty busy. It began with me being sent to Copenhagen Fashion week to shoot a street style video for Mr Porter. It’s not actually finished yet but you can check a few of the pics on my instagram. Just search: mraaronchristian or Twitter: @aaronchristian_. The city was beautiful, the weather however wasn’t! Trying to rack focus with no gloves on when the temperature is at a diabolical -14 is more difficult than appreciating an Ed Hardy design! Anyway, despite my tight schedule I managed to visit some of the trade shows, which were amazing, and also squeezed in a few menswear stores too. You can check out my favourites below.

My return to London was a happy one. Yes I said it, a happy one! You see the snow and “freezing weather” you guys had, felt like the Bahamas in comparison to Copenhagen. Anyway, as we all know the big smoke has some pretty amazing brands so I kept the tradeshow momentum going by paying a visit to Jacket Required, Stitch and Margin TV. I wasn’t too sure what I was more impressed with at the shows, the quality of the brands or the amount of impressively dressed guys in attendance. In fact I was so inspired with the style on display that we went down the next day to take street style snaps.

Valentines day was another biggie this month and our resident LOOK writer Mr Martell Campbell put together a great Valentines look for the fellas. It’s a timeless outfit so if you haven’t checked it out you can do so here: This month also marked the official launch of our PINTEREST page! I won’t go into too much detail on it as our introduction post explains all you need to know. You can read that here: but what I will say is that you need to be following our boards!

My Crazy February got even crazier when I was asked by TM LEWIN & SHORTLIST to style a look for their White Shirt campaign. Now usually I’m the one behind the camera, so when the tables were turned I felt a little uneasy. I think having foundation put on was a massive contributor to that uneasy feeling and felt as natural as sporting just a hot pink thong! However the photographer and team were such a laugh, the whole thing was finished before I knew it.

Finally last week I was sent to London Fashion Week’s menswear day by Mr Porter in order to shoot and attend a few shows. I haven’t been for a while and it was good to see so many familiar faces and to hear how they’ve moved forward since we all met last. Again I was impressed with the styles and outfits on show by the attendees which made for some amazing street style shots. For those of you who can remember our earlier days you may recall our posts that were solely dedicated to Street Style. We stopped them as at the time we felt that the internet was beginning to get saturated with the same thing. However, we’ve now decided to bring back that post so you can expect to see some cool street style shots with a twist real soon!

All in all it was a pretty hectic month. There was a lot of traveling, shooting and editing but I’d like to finish off on something I’ve learnt this month. Which will now be a regular part of my Editors Letter!

What I’ve Learnt

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many passionate individuals from so many different countries. Some of whom have stop and told me I’ve inspired them which is always nice. What really hit’s home though is that our passions are a great way to connect us with one another. What inspires me to improve and keep doing what I do is hearing people say that I’ve encouraged or inspired them in some way. It’s easy to get lost in your own agenda when you’re working so hard, but I personally  feel we all have a responsibility to try and give time to those of us who are a few steps behind in their own journey. Whether that be replying to an email from someone asking for help or even just sending them a contact that could push them in the right direction. There’s so much room for everyone in our industry and without helping and nurturing the next generation we can’t grow.

‘Til next month people.


Learn, Laugh and Look Good!

(yes it’s my new tagline – I still TM the last one though 😉 )