Writing the editor’s letter post really does provide the time needed to reflect on your work and see how you can improve. We’re the third post in now and I’m starting to get a little routine going and it goes a bit like this: Check my ical, see the most interesting things we’ve done and then shit-filter. Simple!

So what did my ical tell me I got up to this month?

Well it’s always been a dream of mine to one day see my overly tanned face in a style magazine, and this month I had the pleasure of doing just that. It may not be due to my contribution to mens style (long way to go yet) but at least it’s a start. This month you can catch Reuben and myself in the latest issue of GQ style! A piece on British colonial style. One word of advice – don’t ever read a piece of work about yourself on the tube. DOUCHE is not even close!

This month also saw Reuben, Nigel and I host a series of styling sessions with Dockers and their new Boxpark store. Dockers have been a brand we’ve always admired and over the last two weeks we styled everyone that popped into the store to help bring a little awareness to their amazing new Alpha Khaki range!

The team were also invited out to PUMA’s special bowling event. PUMA teamed up with Allstar Lanes bowling to exclusively produce their new range of bowling shoes. Individualism were proud to be called down to a bowling competition alongside some prestigious magazine brands, including ID, VICE, MENS HEALTH, FHM LOADED and fellow bloggers THE DAILY STREET. The prize was free bowling for life for the best single score and for the winners.

With an overly enthusiastic team we managed to bring back the silver bowling pin coming second to London’s RWD mag.

We also shot an amazing feature entitled FLIGHT SUIT which we collaborated on with talented photographer Hannah Elizabeth. Check out the pics below!

All in all a very packed month with some great brand collabs. It’s taking a lot of hard work from everyone in the team for the Individualism brand to become recognised within its field. I’ve found that that’s due to a certain way of thinking which leads me onto this months……


Thinking about the long term has really been the theme of my life this month, and it’s something that we don’t really get to think about that much in the age of instant messaging, hi speed connections and split second decision making. On both a career and personal level I’ve really had to sit back and contemplate some big decisions I’ve needed to make. From the future of Individualism and fitness choices, to personal and family issues the time I’ve had to clock off and give those decisions some real thought and figure out how they will affect me not just past next week but over the next couple of years has really been refreshing.

That’s something I wanted to bring up and  highlight for everyone reading this post. Messages, friendships, purchases and even careers can be made almost instantly nowadays. It’s something we’ve gotten used to and is simply a reflection of the times we live in. However, I feel with that we’ve lost or at least are loosing our ability to actually think things through a little. The value of hard work, commitment, and struggle seems to be ignored – looked down upon even. Instant success is being marketed as something available to everyone. And it may look true on the surface but just because something appears successful immediately it doesn’t mean that it is.

Does an instant youtube success provide you with the skills to get into your field and build a strong career? The most successful people in their field are usually those doing something well over a number of years and enjoying it, as well as bringing value to those around them. It’s important to recognise that those people have worked hard for their success. Jonathan Ross in presenting, Jay Z in music and the late Steve Jobs in his tech field. All of these individuals have failed countless times. But it’s those failures that have taught them how to improve and continue to move forward.

There isn’t a substitute for putting in the grind and working your ass off! I believe it always pays off in the long run. So I wanted to say that by doing the little things consistently well, it WILL serve you well. Most of the time people forget that the journey is the most enjoyable part, so why would someone want that to be the quickest thing about the process?

I personally think I’m only at the very beginning of my career. I don’t know what is on store for me in the future but I try to plan as much as possible and then I enjoy the journey at the same time. I’m still learning everyday!

A  book that helped to shape my thinking on these matters is Malcome Gladwell’s “Outliers” – great read!!

So, with all that in mind I say bring on the honest long term thinking and throw away these quick fixes! Who’s with me?

As always,

Learn, Laugh and Look Good!