As I sit down to type another Editors Letter I’ve realised how fast the weeks really do fly by. No I mean this month has literally flown by as I’ve been lucky enough to have clocked up a fair bit of travelling within the April Period. From San Francisco to London, London to Toronto, Toronto to….wait for it the peak district! : ) So that’s pretty much the theme for this month’s “What I’ve learned”, but before we get onto that let’s recap what went down overall.

So this month we officially launched our Street Style posts. If you haven’t given them a butchers then you can do so here and here! Simple shots focusing on details that will now be a regular post produced by our latest recruit Mr Alexander Milnes.

While we’re on the subject of team members this month has had to be the most hectic birthday schedule for team Individualism – with three birthdays being celebrated. Nikita Johnson our Staff & Social Media Writer, Jelani Pomell our Photographer/Videographer and Martell Campbell who needs no introduction!

We also made our second appearance on BBC Radio 1 – Chatting  our usual mix of style and stupidness with Gemma Cairney! If you missed if you can catch it on iPlayer here. (skip to 2:12:10 to hear us)

Finally on the post front I have to admit it’s been pretty slow, but there’s a reason for it. There have been some amazing features including Pocket Square Clothing and two videos I shot for Mr Porter. One called The Way I Pack and a new series named Behind The Brand which saw me head down to the Grenson Factories and interview and film the factories processes of how they make their shoes! But like I said we’ve slowed down as we are in the mix of something big at Individualism! All for the good so keep your eyes peeled!

What I’ve Learned 

So onto  what I’ve actually learned this month. Well as stated above I’ve travelled a fair bit this month for both personal and work reasons. As I look at my schedule for the rest of the year it seems this is only going to continue. Whilst travelling however, you get an incredible amount of time to reflect, think,  plan and prepare what you want to do. However I’ve learnt that the more places I visit the more I seem to enjoy and cherish the town I was born and raised. Don’t get me wrong I think being blessed enough to experience so many  cultures and lifestyles is amazing and it will only help me grow as a person and help to improve my work. But one thing I constantly hear from people is that they’d love to be anywhere else other than where they are.

Now it’s one thing to look forward to the future and set goals but it’s another thing to use that as escapism. The only thing that is guaranteed is the present. The moment you live in. I think we really need to understand that. London is my home town and it’s a place I constantly fall in love with again and again. Travelling has just made me realise what a rich diverse mix we have here. It’s constantly reinventing itself. I’ve lived here all my life and there’s still places on the tube map that I can say I’ve never set foot in and that’s what I love about this city. I was recently put in charge of social events for the Art team at Mr Porter and as I added a number of London based blogs to my RSS feed it confirmed to me how much really is going on in the Big Smoke.

So my advice this month is to really explore your city as much as possible. Go out and get inspired. Don’t blame the boredom on the city and say to yourself “if I was in another city things would be better”. Most of the time I hear that from people who don’t enjoy what they do. So simple. Make your career your passion! As the Olympics draw closer the whole world will be drawing its eye upon London. Thus the amount of events that will be going on will move up tenfold. If you’re  lucky enough to be a Londoner go and take advantage of it and explore! Don’t stay static!

As always,

Learn, Laugh and Look Good!