Today I’d like to introduce you to our new Street Style post which will now be produced by our freshest new team member Mr Alexander Milnes. I was going to explain the post and who he is, but I thought I’d let him do that. Readers meet Mr Milnes……

Since leaving university in 2009 I’ve been working in a number of different roles within the photography and magazine industries but have always had a passion for men’s fashion. Having worked on a few shoots for the site over the past year, Aaron invited me to become a full-time member of the team after a long days work at Menswear day this February.

My first post is the result of that day, a selection of street style photos focusing on the details of men’s clothing –  socks, ties, pocket squares – all the little things that make an outfit individual to the wearer.

These Street Style posts will continue to focus on these details and nothing more. The idea is not to show the whole outfit (which many other sites do really well) but to focus on aspects of an outfit that you could incorporate into your own looks. It’s the little things that really do make us who we are, and that’s what we want to highlight!!