According to Baron de Meyer, the first official photographer at American Vogue,  ‘An old suit, a battered hat, a perfect tie, and a good collar, that’s what makes a well dressed man’.

Now clearly much has changed since de Meyer’s time, but a perfect tie will always remain part of what makes a gentleman a gentleman.

Ten years ago I hated wearing a tie, I was forced to wear an awful black and yellow number at school. As well as ripping it, I managed to cover the offending item of neckwear in food, paint and anything that happened to get in the way, only adding to the un-attractiveness of it. Ever since then I had an aversion to ties, I think being forced to wear something so ghastly looking put me off. In the last few years I’ve started to appreciate them again and have even started to bring them back into my own wardrobe . Out on the street I’ve noticed a fantastic array of neckwear, from simple colours to elaborate patterns the gentlemen of London have helped me to fall in love with ties.






PHOTOGRAPHY: Alexander Milnes

WRITTEN BY: Alexander Milnes