It’s funny how life imitates art right? As I sit here in San Francisco typing this post looking at my awfully packed bag across the room, I can’t help but think to myself “how the hell didn’t I learn anything when I was taught by the masters on how to pack for a trip abroad!”.

Three weeks ago it was madness as back to back shoots at work really made me stretch my skills. The second of these shoots, which I co-directed with Ikenna Mokwe, was for Mr Porter’s travel issue titled: The Way I Pack.

The idea of the video was to interview 3 men that travel frequently as part of their jobs and then film them packing their bags! It was a great shoot and I learnt so much about how to pack a bag for different types of trips. Each guy had their own style and unique quirky tips. One that really stuck was rolling your belts into your shoes!

We were really pleased with the final video – I’m especially proud of how the birds eye shot looked in the end. Enjoy…..