re serve  /ri’zerv/

Verb  | Refrain from using or disposing of (something); retain for future use.

Noun |  A supply of a commodity not needed for immediate use but available if required.

With the country experiencing the most glorious weather (which will soon fade away knowing our British summers) you would wonder why we haven’t brought a typical Spring/Summer shoot this week. Que The Reserve. We get introduced to a lot of bands here at Individualism, either for the first time or being better acquainted. So armed with a warehouse, we got to work!

Look 1  

Black Double Breasted Wool Blazer, Grey Trousers – Mauro Grofoni

White Spread Collar Shirt – Emmett London

Black Woven Tie – Emmett London

Look 2

Black Tuxedo – Mauro Grifoni

White Wing Tip Shirt – Emma Ashford

Black Suede Shoe with Orange Contrast Sole – Swear

Look 3

Striped Button Down Shirt, Denim Poker dot Shirt, Beige Rucksack – Shore Leave

Mint Chinos – Dockers

Look 4

Charcoal Jacket, Multi Coloured Stripe Shirt – Shore Leave

Camo Detailed Chinos – Libertine Libertine

Grey Sneakers – Clarks


STYLING: Nigel Ruwende

MODELS: Javier Romario & Lewis Malpas

Be Eclectic