The beginning of this month began terribly. Yet as I drafted this month’s letter, I realised it provided the perfect theme for the “What I’ve Learned” section. As a Londoner, I’m a Manchester United fan – naturally. To say I was disappointed that we threw away the title would be an understatement, but I hear you asking yourself, ‘isn’t this a style site?’ Okay, okay, I’ll move on.

It all started with a save from River Island, who helped me overcome my Premier League blues. Individualism were asked if we would be interested in working with them on an exclusive project, and while I can’t speak too much about it, let’s just say that this is our first foray into creating menswear products! It is definitely something we are all looking forward to this year, and we hope this project will develop.

Buzzing off major high-street brand collaborations, I headed out of their offices to discover an awaiting email from Levi. Asking Individualism if we would like to check out their latest store opening, we were off to Paris! The full post of what we got up to will be up this week.

After a two-day stay in one of Europe’s most fashionable cities, I headed to the museum-dense city of Munich! It’s the first time I have used London as a drop off point, where I literally switched the old bags for new, and headed straight back to the airport again. I could get used to this.

Mr Porter sent me to Munich to shoot a video on how to make cocktails, featuring one of the most charming and charismatic men I have ever met. Meet Mr Charles Schumann, beverage extraordinaire!

Back from Munich, ill, and deciding that I would leave the jet setting to the professionals, I did not want to let my energy slip. So, from champagne in Paris to cocktails in Munich… Super Malt in Leyton it was!  For this non-work related night (yes, I do actually try to relax), half the Individualism team and myself embraced a ‘Ghetto Fabulous’ theme as we rolled to staff-writer Nikita’s house party. It was really one of the funniest times I have had in a long while, but the main problem (and I’m going to sound like a douche here), was finding clothes that looked ghetto fabulous. Using my best friend’s attire, my problem was solved! Hey – I don’t judge, but his wardrobe made me awfully ghetto fabulous. Even the cat ran away as I left his house. Donning a gun-clasp belt, printed jeans (that were 8938338 times too big), a baseball jacket that would fit Reuben Studdard, and a throw back that, well, should have been thrown out, I was set! We had a blast, even if we spent the night running from the style police.

A few days later, Individualism kept with the ghetto fabulous vibe and headed to the Jay-Z and Kanye West Watch the Throne concert. The amazing show was only outshone by the light display (am I the only guy that appreciates this kind of stuff?). Again, the technicalities played a subtle reminder to how your art can affect so many people around the world. The performances, costume, and set were really inspiring. Definitely a night I will remember.

Towards the end of the month, I headed to Manchester to film the third Behind the Brand. It was an amazing shoot, and as soon as it is released, you guys will be posted!

Lastly, my hectic month brings me on to this weekend. I was treated to a gent’s day out by Nokia, which included breakfast, a trim at Murdocks barbershop, a coffee tasting session, and an evening of perfume making all documented on their neat new phone the Nokia Lumia –  Nokia helped me relax and wrap up a busy but amazing month.

What I have Learned

If there is one thing that I have discovered this month, it is to take a risk. I am a notoriously cautious person, but I really learnt to open myself up to new experiences. Charles Schumann has been a successful barman for over 30 years, and he didn’t get there by playing it safe, but took risks by trying out new ideas and cocktails – and he probably stumbled along the way. The same goes for Jay-Z and Kanye. A quote from the entrepreneur/father/Hip Hop mogul Jigga says, ‘You can’t learn anything from a success, only a failure.’ I agree. The thing about taking a risk and making it successful is that you have to allow yourself to be wrong.

I can admit that I can make mistakes, but I like to live by the idea that I never have any regrets. I also like the outlook that there are never any mistakes, just undesired results. Having a regret is something you can control. The silver lining on Manchester United’s loss is an opportunity to teach and prepare the younger players in the team, hopefully something that will help them in the future.

As I sit down finishing this letter, my Apple TV, the latest addition to the tech family stares back at me, and reminds me of the innovator that brought the age of Apple to us. In the words of the late Steve Jobs, “Those often crazy enough to think they can change the world often do” – You can’t do that without taking a risk!

As Always,

Learn, Laugh & Look Good!

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