So a few weeks back I was asked by my editor to shoot a BTS of the feature photoshoot for The Mr Porter Post! The cover star was none other than Tinie Tempah. I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of Tinie’s music, but I don’t totally dislike it either – he’s just not my favourite rapper. However I was intrigued to meet the guy. I truly believe that true success is always earned, and those at the top more often than not rightly deserve to be there. So given his level of success I wanted to know what type of work attitude he had. (I know exactly what everyone thinks when they meet a famous rapper, right?) From the moment he stepped into the location to the moment he said goodbye, Tinie was a true gentleman. Polite to all members of staff and everyone helping out on the shoot and he really got himself involved. Not everyone may like his music, not everyone may think he has the talent to be where he is at, but I believe success is built up by so many other factors, and Tinie has a lot that many people don’t see.

Keep up the hard work T. Hope you enjoy the video.

As always,

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