Personally, June has been the most life-changing month. (Yes, I do say that every month, but I blame it on the diary-style Day One App – ever since I starting writing a diary, my life has become emotionally intense!)  I have realised that most of the best opportunities that are thrown at us are passed up because of one thing – FEAR. As I reflect on the past life-changing four weeks, the fears that initially restrained me have begun to disappear. Fears also seem less scary once we have surpassed them, shaping us into experienced and stronger people. So what did I do this month that educated me?

The Indiv team were invited down by BBC Radio One to discuss the forthcoming London collections, allowing the nation to listen in to our style advice. Reuben was also invited to share his words of wisdom, but due to a bout of illness, he was unable to attend. This left me in a fix. I felt alone and completely thrown out of my comfort zone. Despite my fears, I went on air, and felt all the better for embracing and crushing my anxieties.

A few days later, my 9-5 asked me to shoot a mini Behind The Brand on John Lobb’s and Aston Martin’s collaboration. Again, I was nervous to shoot by myself as there was no assistant or art director. Nonetheless, the shoot was amazing, and it was a true honour to meet Andres Herdanadez, who is such a talented designer. The following week, I headed up to the Aston Martin Showrooms for the second part of the shoot. Now cars don’t really tickle my fancy, but the moment my eyes gazed upon the Aston Martins I was sold. I was surprised to learn that just like any item of clothing or stylish accessory, the detail in vehicle manufacturing is imperative when achieving a truly astounding product. I’ll be posting the video up real soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

The third week of June saw the first ever men’s London collections. If you’re a regular follower of the site you’d have known we posted up two features covering the event. Our resident street style photographer Mr Alexanders Milnes took to the streets and began doing what he does best. Check his post out here! And our freshly titled Features Editor; Mr Nigel Ruwende showed us his perspective on those stylish three days! Check that our here!

Anyhow in London, most folks finish their work at 5pm. Not me! As the Londom Collections where held over the weekend it meant I had to cover it for Mr Porter. However as the evening drew to a close I had to  head straight back to upload and export the footage, and then rushed out to begin filming the Mr Porter Party! It was truly a star-studded event. The Video below shows some of the highlights of the most stylish party of 2012 (well until Individualism’s Buttoned Up).

Those who know me know that my work does not stop. So off I went to Milan the men’s fashion week! The last time I went to Milan I froze my balls off. This time, I actually came back darker than my Canon 7D! Temperatures reaching 35 degrees meant that filming was very intense. Despite the heat, Milan’s street style was on point and we pushed through the heat, making the shoot enjoyable! Check out the video below.

Paris followed the next week. By the third week of June I realised that I had made amazing friends with some of the world’s most prestigious street style photographers and designers. It was amazing to see their working methods and difference in style even though they were shooting the same subjects.


“Feel the fear and do it anyway.” If you have heard that before, the quote is from a book by Susan Jeffers. It epitomises what I have learnt this month. Fear is something that we can never rid ourselves from. So, the only way to win is to jump in headfirst and face Fear. “There are no right or wrong decisions, just opportunities for growth.” Whether radio presenting or filming an important shoot by myself, I have also learnt that everything I thought I was scared of was actually a sign of growth and learning. Filming in front of the best photographers in the world changed my fear of being judged by the best, to an opportunity to receive advice and tips to improve. Fear is something that will always be with us, but if we embrace it and attack what we really want, we realise there was nothing to fear in the first place!

As always,

Learn, Laugh and Look Stylish!