MCM have (in our experience) have always been a relatively obscure brand. Maybe for some it’s not immediately recognisable by name but the subtle monogram must be etched onto many a subconscious. In recent months the native Munich brand has been enjoying a much higher profile – though by no means is this a fleeting trend; the brand has been a benchmark of quality and luxury for nearly 40 years.

Nonetheless this past month MCM have pushed heavily their brand awareness in London – and at a good time too! In the wake of the Jubilee and in the lead-up to the Olympics they commissioned an iconic Routemaster bus decked out in their very own MCM livery – and of course when we were asked to host the East London leg of the MCM tour we’re not shy to say we happily obliged.

Keeping the location secret – we revealed on the day that we’d be parking up near our regular haunt Shoreditch High St. – and sure enough all our fans, friends and family turned out in force – spilling out of the bus, past the red carpet, and onto the street, well into the balmy evening. With the champagne flowing, a slickly decked out bus, as well as a fine selection of MCM goods to peruse – we (as usual) had an impeccable turn out for our improvised upper deck style booth.

Check the new style gallery above – or for more photos on the night check out the Facebook album – don’t forget to tag your stylish selves!