In 1958, the world became a little more relaxed as Hush Puppies designed the first casual shoe. This new alternative – a soft, breathable, comfortable form of footwear – invited the world to break the rules, kick back a little, and enjoy. Ultimately, it changed the kind of shoes we wear and ushered in an age of a more relaxed lifestyle.

This mini history lesson had me thinking:

How would the 1958 working man integrate this new style into his wardrobe?

Knowing that I couldn’t fully answer this question myself, I turned to photographer Karen Storey who helped me visualise what you see now:

Doug Wears: Green wool jumper by Mauro Grifoni, brown leather braces by Fullum & Holt, brown check trousers by Hackett, and yellow suede beatnik shoes by Hush Puppies.

Doug wears: 3 piece grey suit, shirt & pocket square by Hackett, tie & tie clip – stylist’s own and black suede ‘Teddy’ shoes by Hush Puppies.
Ellie wears: Blouse & skirt by Hobbs and belt by Levi’s.

The full Autumn/Winter collection will be available online and in the Topman General Store, Covent Garden soon.