Almass Badat: Jatinder, you play the sitar, traditionally practised in Asian culture. Does similar heritage/culture influence your art?

Jatinder Durhailay: Actually, my instrument if often confused with the sitar. I play a few Indian instruments, but the one that I am mostly seen with is the taus, a traditional Sikh instrument that very few people play, and is rarely seen. It is all pretty much linked with my art. I do have a range of influences from different Asian traditions that I mish-mash with western culture. My art is a bit like me, a young Sikh boy born in London, who is a mish-mash of both eastern and western culture.

AB: Tracey Emin has said, “Art should not be locked up in a tower. It’s for everybody.” What are your thoughts?

JD: I definitely agree. Art is for ‘the people,’ whether they understand it or otherwise. Art is like God – you cannot box it up, and neither does it belong to religion or Man. It is something that cannot be valued. Every time I create a piece of art, I part with some of my soul and energy. What keeps me going is the fact that I have something to give to the world, which will outlive me and continue to benefit others.

AB: What can we look forward to in regards to your future work? We hear whispers and hush tones of Miami?

JD: Miami you say, yes I have a show in Miami. There is an artist named Pedro Matos, he and I will be showcasing our work together with the Ivory and Black gallery in Miami’s Art Basel. I have two pieces that I am working on at the moment, which are both really exciting. We’ll see what happens!

For Jatinder’s work, click here

Jatinder wears: Black raglan sleeve Mac by LAUREL WREATH X FRED PERRY, Brown double-breasted waistcoat by HARRIS TWEED X TOPMAN, Tiger pocket square and purple knitted tie by DRAKES, White tab collar shirt by EMMETT LONDON, Burgundy trousers by TOPMAN LTD, and Yellow Eclats by LE COQ SPORTIF