As of late, there has been a number of changes here at Indiv. Some have been internal and others external – but the one thing that they all have in common is that these changes have been vital to the development and growth of Individualism.

Today, I would like to introduce all of our readers to two new things.

The first is our shiniest new recruit. Meet Miss Almass Badat, our new features writer. With a background in writing and journalism, she will be contributing to the written features and trends that we already have, and also to those that we will expand towards.

Secondly, I would like to introduce you to our latest regular post – Learn From The Ladies. Twice a month, we will feature ambitious, charming young women, letting them have their say on all things Man. This is a light, fun series that aims to unveil the interesting secrets women hold about us guys, while hopefully learning about new brands and cool places to shop.

Well enough of me already, over to you Miss Badat!

Favourite men’s hairstyle?

I love a good pompadour. On the other side of the spectrum, I’m a sucker for dreadlocks.

Favourite men’s fragrance?

I think everyone catches a whiff of sweet teenage nostalgia with Versace Blue Jeans. Now, Gucci by Gucci pour homme never fails.

Most stylish male celeb?

So I am being totally biased but I love anything Steve Buscemi wears in Boardwalk Empire. The suits are incredible, and the attention to detail is meticulous.

Favourite online store? is great – they email you with updates on limited product only available online.

Biggest style turn off?

Bootleg jeans – unless you’re a cowboy, and plimsolls – never.

Item of clothing that men really need to fix up on?

Socks – odd socks, holey socks, and sometimes even no socks. Fix up lads.

Care to reveal your personal Sin Of Style?

Picking one outfit, I had a baby blue Akademiks tracksuit with matching Nike Airmax 90s and baby blue chequered laces, which I loved to death. I even wore the ensemble with a fishnet red vest. I felt so good at the time, and thinking back, I believe I made my mum spend over £150 on this outfit.


You can follow Almass on:

Twitter: @almassB

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