Though it seems like only the other day we threw our last Buttoned Up event, it became clear that we’d have to do something special to keep us busy in the run up to the festive season.

After a successful partnership with Hackett last time round – we were naturally all ears when they asked us if we wanted to help celebrate with them the opening of their new Spitalfields store. Having thrown a few of these events we like to think we’re starting to get good at them – but of course when the day arrived our nerves were tested as we put the final pieces together. Fingers were crossed, hoping for a solid turnout on a less than warm and welcoming December evening.

Of course we had no need to worry – with a particularly pleasant stream of familiar faces and stylish strangers passing through and showing love for an amazing evening.

Thanks go out to the barbers over at Murdock London, making sure the determined queue benefited from a cheeky trim, the seamstresses kindly monogramming white handkerchiefs for all our guests, the bar staff keeping a wide array of libations flowing, and finally – the amazing Bakery Band who kept the good vibes flowing both up and down the stairs.

Undoubtedly much of the credit goes out to our amazing friends at Hackett, who kindly let us wreak our own particular style of havoc in their beautifully furnished store, and also for supplying prizes for the soon to be announced
style booth competition.

A shout out to the photo of the love pictures above, Mr Kabz Raj and lastly, our most important thank yous are reserved for all our friends, family and followers, who made it down to the night and showed us some much appreciated support.

Take a look at the full set of pictures from the night here and here.

Until next time…