Voting has closed and the votes are in. The winners are:

1. Lulu

2. John Drummond

3. Nas Abraham

Thanks for everyone who casted their vote. And most importantly those that took part.

It is that time again. The time when shameless self-promotion is encouraged. ‘Why?’, we hear you ask. Well, this promotion is beneficial to you, as we have a bunch of Hackett vouchers up for grabs!

The first week of December saw Individualism help launch Hackett’s amazing new Spitalfields store. We set up our style booth, and you guys turned up dressed to the nines! As the Individualism team were so impressed, we have handpicked the top ten looks from the night – but this is about you. Have your say, by voting for the lucky winners!

The rewards for looking so stylish are Hackett Gift Vouchers to the value of:

  • 1st prize :£250
  • 2nd prize: £150
  • 3rd prize: £50

Not bad for an evening’s work!


  1. Vote for your favourite look by commenting on the post below and writing the name of the individual you think is the best dressed
  2. One vote per person
  3. We will tally up the results and the top three will win prizes – Hackett Gift Vouchers: 1st: £250 2nd: £150 3rd: £50. Voting closes  Sun 6th January 2013 – 6pm GMT – !


  1. John Drummond
  2. Lulu
  3. Charles Juba
  4. Robert Railton
  5. Nas Abraham
  6. Talha Timol
  7. Zak Timol
  8. Canon Jon
  9. Olli Hill
  10. Derek Addo

Good luck and get voting!