In regards to styling, we at Individualism have almost always been associated with a savvy, sartorial look. But as time passes, styles change, and so do we.  We celebrate mens style in general whether it is formalm savvy or street, so we are deciding to launch the new “The Contemporary” look series. Not only will we be showcasing new and current trends, but also a unique amalgamation of smart and street.

This concoction of brands from the somewhat opposite ends of the fashion spectrum, Diesel, Maharishi and Albam to name a few, has resulted in these stunning assortments, guaranteed to make a few style conscious heads turn. The unique blend of formalwear and higher end street fashion make these styles surprisingly versatile. Dare you mix it up by adding a bit of street to your ensemble at your next formalwear soiree?However, we urge you to go easy on the nylon tracksuit bottoms at a black tie event. This is street-wear, not hood-wear.

LOOK 1 – Eshan wears: Double-Breasted Blazer & Splatter jeans by Topman, Roll-neck by Uniqlo, Shoes by Hemingway for Hush Puppies, Eyewear by Eye Respect SS13;

LOOK 2 – John wears: Hawaiian shirt by Diesel SS13, polka dot blazer & snow wash jeans by Topman, Shoes by Hemingway for Hush Puppies, watch by Triwa;

LOOK 3 – Eshan wears: Oxford shirt by Topman, jacket by Lavenham SS13, Ernie camo chinos by B-Side by Wale, camo shoes by Diesel, Ava tortoise shell glasses by AM Eyewear;

LOOK 4 – John wears: Patterned jumper & checkered trousers by Diesel, Roll-neck by Uniqlo, polka dot socks by Happy Socks, bracelets by Shimla, Harlen shoe by Dr. Martens;

LOOK 5 – Eshan wears: Patterned scarf by Drake’s, printed shirt by Edwin SS13, Track sweat by Albam, Flecked selvedge denim by Denim Demon SS13, Shoes by Hemingway for Hush Puppies;

LOOK 6 – John wears: 3/4 sleeve baseball tee by Analog, Compton breeks by Alan Paine, Harlen shoe by Dr. Martens, bracelets by Shimla, eyewear by Eye Respect SS13;

LOOK 7 – Eshan wears: Tiger stripe shirt by Maharishi, tiger embroided bomber jacket by Horiyoshi III, shorts & long johns by Uniqlo, Shoes by Hemingway for Hush Puppies, Ava Tortoise shell Sunglasses by AM Eyewear;

 LOOK 8 – Eshan wears: Roll-neck & shirt by Uniqlo, check bomber jacket by Maharishi SS13, Black 5 year resin ripped denim by Horiyoshi III, Shoes by Hemingway for Hush Puppies, bracelets by Shimla;

LOOK 9 – Eshan wears: Blue dash pattern jumper & splatter jeans by Topman, MA-1 bomber parka by Maharishi, polka dot socks by Happy Socks, camo shoes by Diesel SS13;

LOOK 10 – Eshan wears: Studded collar shirt by Diesel SS13, camo parka jacket by B-Side by Wale, shorts & heat tech long johns by Uniqlo, shoes by Hemingway for Hush Puppies, Little T Sunglasses by AM Eyewear;


Dress with confidence!