Hey, remember me? To be fair, I have not actually written an editors letter in about six months. It is either down to one of two things, I have been busy or lazy, and I’ll let you decide which one.

Bearing this in mind, there is only one way to write this post:

  1. Conclude what Individualism have been up to and what I have learnt last year
  2. Tell you guys the exciting stuff we have planned for next year and what you can all expect!

2012, 2012, 2012.

Boy, 2012 was an eventful year for both Individualism and myself. Most people usually wait till the end of the year to reflect and see what they have achieved, but through starting writing the editor’s letters in 2012, I tried to change that to once a month – that soon failed after the first five! To speed through what has happened though, here goes…


I visited fourteen cities in twelve countries. I helped launch the Mr Porter iPad App, and featured on radio for the first time where Individualism now have a regular spot every two months! We also threw three amazing events, I worked on a film set, I lost half the Indiv team, and then gained some talented new members – all topped off with major personal life changes! So yes, 2012 was a massive year – and would not have been possible without the help from you. Yes, my personal career really did build momentum last year, but that was because it was something I had been working towards for many years.


I heard a quote recently, that ‘great brands and companies are never started by one person.’ There is always a team, always support. With Individualism, I have to take a moment to say thank you to the team from both the past and the present for bringing us to where we are. Your hard work, dedication, desires to entertain, educate, create and be the best, really have made Us.

A team is invaluable, whether that be at work, home, or own your personal project. A team help create ideas, keep momentum up when things slow down, and most importantly, make everything fun. The shared experience of success is one the greatest feelings. I count myself lucky that I have learnt that success is not as sweet if you have no one to share it or celebrate it with.

Here is to the team, the readers, and our followers. Individualism has now become a movement. It is also you, the audience, who have taken Individualism and made it your own by being the stars at our events and also engaging with all the content we put out. Our aim is to celebrate men’s style. That is what we do. All we need is for you guys to join the party!

So – how are we going to celebrate next year? Well, here are a few things we have planned for 2013!


We are moving forward with our most popular series! With an all-new, illustrated style, Individualism has collaborated with many talented artists to bring you the sins we just could not portray through photography!


We will continue with our Buttoned Up and Laced Up staple nights, as well as a few brand collaborations. A new event page will be launched, where you can register and be kept up to date on all that we are planning.

3. APP

I know, I know. I have been saying this for years, but it is still in the works. We just need to get it right. I can’t reveal too much, but if you like men’s style then you will definitely like what we are working on.


This is actually up and running! We will be dropping our own collection this summer, and will continue to build the Individualism clothing brand, only working on projects and products that we really feel can add value to the menswear market.


We have various plans to work on exciting video content. I know that Individualism have taken a step back from videos recently, but this is because when we prefer to focus on quality over quantity, and want to provide you with stimulated, entertaining videos – this takes a little time.

So that is the plan for Indiv next year, and we look forward to seeing what you have in store for us!

As always,

Learn, Laugh, and Look Good!

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