New Years is typically a time to reflect with a smile, plan for the New Year ahead, and generally give some time for a little nostalgia.

I thought I would get ahead of myself this time around, as I already know what improvements Individualism will go under in 2013. One of those things is to plan the editorial content. Last month, I decided to give myself a head start so that when the New Year came, I would be up and running with my new resolution. So here we are, with 2013’s New Year post!

One of my initial ideals for Individualism (when Reuben and myself first created the brand almost five years ago), was to try and change the perception of fashion – to make the approach more fun. We realised most companies and brands within the industry took themselves way too seriously! I mean, when we started, we were style consultants, so we had to be approachable right?

So in the true Individualism spirit, this is what we are all about. We want to express to our readers and followers both new and old, to look at style… with a smile.

Style is one my biggest passions. Like anything in life – it needs change to stay fresh, fun, and current. Fashion is an ever-changing medium, and your personal style should be too. You will discover that there are certain things that work better with your colour, shape and personality, but you will only truly discover your personal style by being open and experimenting! To be honest, this is my philosophy for life as well. Change is constant, sometimes unpredictable, but should be enjoyed. With these changes, you should never look back and think ‘that was awful!’ but look back with a smile – even it was bad! Mistakes are great as they teach us how to improve. Braving you guys, a few of the team members have confessed their own personal Sins Of Style, hoping to start you off on your style journey with the example that we may have made mistakes, but at Indiv we embrace it, have a laugh, and look forward to learning more!


Have an amazing 2013!