Denim can be hard to get right. Size, wash, wear and tear are but a few of the factors that tend to get complicated, in turn making purchasing jeans stressful and confusing. Not to worry though, we think Individualism have found something that may help!

Introducing: J Brand

Born in 2004, the L.A. based brand set out with co-founder Jeff Rudes to create classic, sophisticated denim with emphasis on timeless design and exceptional cuts for women. After great success within this market, 2008 saw the launch of their mens line, offering vintage craftsmanship and sensibility to the modern man.

Ayishat and I became acquainted with the brand towards the end of last year, and we were immediately impressed. With both of us being stylists constantly on the go,  picking up and dropping off stock and dressing and undressing others is the norm, making comfortable yet aesthetically pleasing denim imperative. J Brand achieves this versatility by perfectly balancing both smart and casual styles.

To compliment the denim, Ayishat and I are wearing pieces available from Matches, where J Brand’s latest collection is also available!

Let us know when you get your pair!

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