We’re back with another entry in our new Learn From The Ladies series. Sit back and take in the wise words from Noell Riemslag, global jet setter!
1. What is the biggest SIN OF STYLE a man can make?  
Men, please ask for help if you are not sure about your size (in clothing!). There is nothing worse then too small, too big, too long or too short. 
2. What is your worst personal SOS moment?
I went through a shortly lived hip-hop/street phase while I was a dancer – baggy jeans, oversized tees…no more comment.
3. Favourite mens fragrance?
Chanel Allure Sport
4. Who is the most interesting Twitter / Instagram person to follow?
You guys. Obviously.
5. What is the best compliment a man can give a woman?
To receive a compliment when you are stripped down, without makeup or hair-product, is the best.
6. Finish off this sentence. A man should never wear…
7. How about this one? I hate it when guys wear… 
Uggs. Never wear uggs.
8. I Love it when guys wear
Absolutely nothing.
9. What is the failsafe gift to buy for a woman?
If you can buy her a pair of heels in the right size, she is yours.
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