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I would like to think of my posts on Individualism as a relationship. I talk, you listen, and perhaps you leave me with the occasional comment. Overall, we get along, and when we meet in person, we have a laugh!

When tasked to write for style savvy men, I realised that this was no mean feat.

I needed to appeal to men. Unfortunately, fluttering my eyelashes at my laptop screen won’t get me very far, so in search of tips, I asked Reuben, Nigel and…Google. Here goes!

Be Funny

It so appears that men like to laugh. Hopefully you have smiled a little since the first sentence. If not, you are probably smiling now. There you go!

Be Honest

My only qualm is this. If I tell you that your shirt has a coffee stain, will you really let me know about that spinach in my teeth?

Include a Picture

Some may say that men have short attention spans, only look at the pictures, and scan articles for crass words. I would argue that it doesn’t hurt to have a little excitement on the page!

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Be Confident

As one of the two Individualism ladies, confidence is mandatory. In other words, iron your favourite shirt and head straight to the boardroom! Plus, if you do not believe in yourself, who will?


Have Ownership

Welcome to The Column, the new regular post at Individualism – short, sweet and essential light entertainment reading for the modern man. Written by Almass Badat.

If that is not ownership, I don’t know what is.

No strings attached,