Dressing for formal events or parties can be a little bit daunting. Personally, I believe that you can never be too overdressed for a soiree, as long as no one mistakes you for the groom! The key thing to remember is that you are attending a social event, and to be social, you must be comfortable. Taking a stab at sparking conversation with an unforgiving tight or chaffing pair of trousers will probably have you looking like a extremely-hydrated toddler fighting a losing battle with natures call. Bearing this in mind, I thought I would pay a visit to our friends at TM Lewin, and it is safe to say that they did not disappoint!

Those that are close to me will know there is special place in my heart for the HBO series ‘Boardwalk Empire.’ Drawing from this influence, I searched for a patterned suit, and TM Lewin’s Charmichael 2-buttoned blue check made the cut. After it made the cut, it then had to be cut, by my tailor! Please note, if your suit is not bespoke, a tailor is your wardrobe’s best friend. Luckily, there were not many alterations to make – do not let this deter you from minor adjustments though, the success of an outfit is in the detail. As I am partial to flashing a bit of sock, I shortened the leg length to an inch above the classic trouser break. I also nipped in the body of the blazer, allowing it to follow my silhouette.

To compliment the suit’s blue check detail, I opted for the Blue Silver Pin Collar shirt and Silver Knot cufflinks, making sure that the metals were harmonious. I chose the Burgundy Paisley tie to enhance my look, and I believe that adding a hint of colour is a must. Colour reinforces taste and personality – plus it makes the outfit a little bit more Individual (pun intended!). Now, if you haven’t already realised, I like to cut a rug, shake a leg, do the twist, walk the dog – I think you know where I am going with this. One thing I did not want to do is compromise efficiency and constantly have shoe laces to maintain. Yes, cutting shapes does get that serious! There is just too much canned heat in my heels! So, I opted for the H by Hudson Purvis Tassel Loafer which I found at Schuh. Through my trial and error in footwear, I hope have helped you gents by eliminating some variables! Next time, I will see you on the dance floor!

Be Eclectic!