Reuben is always telling me to speak to more people. In fact Reuben is always telling everyone to speak to more people. Reuben however, is a unique breed – he is the kind of guy that waits for the opportune moment to make eye contact on the tube in order to get your life history and five-year plan. Two years ago, when we launched our first live event ‘Buttoned Up,‘ we all finally got our chance to speak and meet our readers in real life!

It was a truly remarkable day, and I will never forget it. It made me realise how much talent London has, waiting to explode. That same night, I met two young individuals – Martin and Curtis, some super elegant gents that both sported nervous looks (thinking back, they were probably too young to actually get into the club). We stayed in contact, and two years on, they have set up their own mini collective, named The Decorum – consisting of Martin, Curtis and a third member, Daniel. This collective reminds me of a British version of the ever-popular Street Etiquette (they will probably kill me for saying that), but pop over to their Tumblr to hear their explanation!

After a few encounters with Curtis, it dawned on me that he was always kitted out to the nines – bearing in mind he was a student! Finally, he revealed that he did most of his shopping on eBay! Vintage gems snapped up by a trained eye and the strategic click of a button – it was that simple. Smart, stylish, unique and economical – the best kind of shopping, right? So, Individualism challenged Decorum to scour eBay and put together some looks to prove that you do not have to break the bank to look like Carlton Banks!

Like the ubiquitous beard, the vintage trend has resurfaced, providing heritage aesthetic to the contemporary for a mere tuppence.  True, you may have to sift through masses of clothing to unearth a gem, but once you do find a good vintage piece, it will be something stellar.

Taking the vintage search to eBay, the guys over at Decorum have proved vintage clothing is not only stylish, but cost effective too – all at the tip of your fingers.


Prince of Wales style double-breasted coat, £10.50

Sta-Prest Farah trousers, £7.78

Cheaney and Sons loafers (Handmade), £34.00

All items were purchased from, and tailored locally.


Vintage Cardigan – Brick Lane Market – £6.00

Vintage Two Piece Suit (just trousers) – Ebay – £10

Vintage Paisley Tie – Portabello Market – 80p

White TM Lewin Cufflink Shirt – Ebay – £3.00

Vintage Crombie Overcoat – Ebay – £27

Trousers were tapered and shortened.

Crombie was also tapered and shortened on the shoulders.