This week we met Ms Laura Harvey. Personal shopper at the Topman flagship store in Oxford Circus, Ms Harvey knows what she’s talking about! Over to you Miss Harvey…

Tell us your number one men’s Sin Of Style!

It has to be an ill-fitted suit.

What is your favourite men’s fragrance?

Tom Ford – Black Orchid, because it just smells of sophistication!

What is the first item of clothing you notice on a man?

Shoes, I always look at the shoes. You can tell a lot about a guy by his shoes and if he looks after them (and himself!)

Who is the most interesting Twitter / Instagram person to follow?

I quite like Professor Green on Twitter, as he is honest and not afraid to say anything regardless of how blunt it may be, which always makes me laugh!

The best compliment a man can give a woman is…

When paying a compliment don’t go for the obvious ‘you look nice.’ Be more specific, a little detail goes a long way.

The one item of clothing that men need to fix up with?

Make sure you always have a crisp white shirt with a stiff collar. A good shirt can transform your look from scruffy to sharp, instantly.

A man should never wear…

A waist coat without a jacket…need I say anymore?

The most styish Male Celeb is…

Tom Ford – for being Mr sartorial personified!

What is your favourite online store?

Mr Porter, as it just has everything you need.

I hate it when guys wear…

Baggy jeans, it’s just not flattering. If you don’t like skinny jeans, at least have a well-cut tapered pair.

I love it when guys wear…

A tailored blazer.

The failsafe gift to buy for a woman is…
Flowers – and not just on Valentines Day! Buy a bunch on your way home from work once in a while; it’s the small gestures without being hinted for that really get us!

You can follow Laura on:

Instagram: @laurakatieharvey