As we check Twitter at breakfast and upload dinner onto Instagram before it has hit our plates, cyber conversation is constant, and proving to be no ball game. In the virtual world where expression is challenging to convey, grammar and punctuation matter a whole lot more. Gentlemen, I tackle the underestimated ‘x.’

There are so many different kinds, big x’s, small x’s, x’s with hugs attached – the list is endless. See below for a brief description of various x’s.

x – meaningful, affectionate. The singular ‘x’ offers quality over quantity, condensing all feeling into one letter

x. – extremely meaningful, finally affectionate. The period emphasises that this is a strong, sure symbol of affection

xxx  – pressed multiple times out of habit, these x’s show that the texter is comfortably affectionate with the recipient

xo – playful, friendly. Rarely used by males – bar The Weeknd.

So, which of the X-Men are you?

FINAL COLOURING red pink with hearts small

THE RARE X-ERIf you receive the ‘x’ from him, be aware that he means business.

Acts like: You are suave, smooth, and perhaps a little oblivious to the power of the x. When you do include ‘x,’ it is calculated, intended for effect. In person, you ooze charisma, yet your texting is stern, straight to the point, and minimal.  You only text when you need to – futile conversations are, well, futile.

Looks like: Rarely dresses casual. Stylish round the clock, even his pyjamas are pristine. Layering is important, visually intriguing as you search beneath his surface. The cheeky smile and twinkly eyes make his calculated outfit charming.

Most likely to use: x or x.

THE AFFECTIONATE X-ERWhen you do not get sent the x, worry.

 Acts like: You are fun, and constantly have women flocking around you. This is because you are openly affectionate, and easily create a rapport with your conversational partner. Your typical message encourages response, prompts conversation, and you tailor your verbal style according to the recipient.

Looks like: Dresses comfortably, but does not fail to leave an impression. You will often discover an unusual detail to his outfit, a brooch, or perhaps intricate stitching. Prints and texture heavily feature as he cannot help but inject personality into everything he touches.

Most likely to use: xxx

THE ‘ONE THAT GETS AWAY WITH IT’ X-ERHis x’s seal his cheekiness with a kiss.

Acts like: You always keep people on their toes. You may send ‘x’ in one conversation, but leave the next message sparse. People are attracted to you, probably because they want an entertaining, stimulating exchange. You ask awkwardly fantastic questions, feeling out how the other will react. If they rise to the challenge, they have won you over. Everything you say is a double entendre.

Looks like: Dresses casually most of the time, using his personality to speak for him. When he does pull out the whistle and flute, those around him are unsure of how to tackle this double hit.

Most likely to use: x, sporadically.

No strings attached,