We’re slowly moving out of the “all black” phase, which I am guilty of wholeheartedly sporting many times, but what’s next? All white? – I’ve been there, too much danger when sitting… anywhere. All red? – Yeah, if you’re going to be initiated into a demonic company/ you’re working for Coke (pretty much the same thing).

Consequently, it’s left some of us with a gap in our heart that can only be filled with those things we used to wear… what was that again? Oh yeah, COLOURS. Forget single coloured outfits, let’s have a look at some strong block colours, played down to suit the average Joe, but stylish enough to turn you into Joe Bloggs (who in this case, is a very stylish man).

In this instalment of ‘Dress to Express’, we’ve used bits and pieces from the SS15 collection of two minimalist labels; COS and Joseph, who have both incorporated a strong set of colours into this season. We have styled the pieces with complimentary colours and light layers, perfect for that tiny bit of seasonable warmth that comes through every blue moon in the UK.


Look 1:

A golden olive shirt and cotton tailored trouser combination from COS, quietened down with a black jacket from H&M’s David Beckham collection. The COS black leather and white rubber sole make for a very lightweight and incomparably comfortable outfit.

Look 2:

A stylish white shirt with a royal blue patterned shirt from COS, matched with a pair of vibrant royal blue shorts, separated with a black leather belt from H&M. Simple, lightweight, easy to accessorise with.

Look 3:

One of Joseph’s strongest pieces in my opinion; a lightweight lamb’s leather loose-fitting t-shirt on top of a pair of bottle green fitted trousers from COS. Complimentary colours of the shirt and the trousers also give a relaxed shape.

Look 4:

Bottle green trousers and shirt jacket ensemble, broken apart with a plain white shirt and complimentary closed-back sandles all from COS.

Look 5:

A navy/ royal blue check patterned crew neck t- shirt with a kimono shape from Joseph, placed on top of cotton tailored trousers from COS. A comfortable two-piece outfit, very easy to layer.


So this summer, let’s think more colour, more happiness, less darkness and evil. Be brave, pick up a crazy coral colour that you wouldn’t usually dare to touch, and throw it on. Be creative with vibrant colours and maybe tone them down with something subtle. Actually, I shouldn’t tell you how to dress, just ignore this post and dress how you want!


“Inspiration is contagious”


Photography: Nas Abraham

Styling: Misha Joseph

Make Up: Rebecca Keates 

Hair: Mary Cayabakan

Model: Lewis Pick (Nevs) 

Assistant: Charlene Joseph