Many viewers thought Detective Rust from True Detective talking of “time is a flat circle” was a profound link to Nietzsche’s reference to the dichotomy of one’s perspective on life. I just assumed he was talking about wristwatches. For some reason people think we in fashion are materialistic. That’s Nonsense.

A watch (or ‘timepiece’ if you’re feeling fancy) is an essential part of any man’s ensemble. Some of us like sports watches, others like a more classical, rectangular timepiece. I’m not here to judge, but I am here to advise – get a proper watch, such as W.T. Author’s range.

Here we have a selection of our favourite watches on offer from this season, from the likes of the Fossil group, who also make watches for Emporio Armani, Karl Lagerfeld, Diesel etc. Our selection from Fossil group feature some classic timepieces with strong leather straps, perfect with the majority of any smart casual outfits.

The illustrations also feature a great selection from our friends over at Twisted Time, who stock a variety of classy, modern brands with a classical look. Brands such as Daniel Wellington, Shore Projects, Aark etc, are all housed there, so you’re guaranteed to find something you like. The selection from Twisted Time have more of a contemporary quirkiness to their timepieces, but still maintain a great sense sophistication. Suitable for the gent who boasts of have something up their sleeve- now you actually do.

There are no real ‘do’s and don’ts with wristwatches, just remember that the majority of us aren’t actually in a rap video, so you might want to choose one which is conducive to your lifestyle. At the same time, if your lifestyle is boring, maybe choose a watch that doesn’t reflect your lifestyle. Also, try to do more exciting things, you boring old fart.


– “Inspiration is contagious”

Illustrations, photography and writing by Nas Abraham

Slide 1- Fossil

Slide 2- Aark from Twisted Time

Slide 3- W.T. Author

Slide 4- Daniel Wellington from Twisted Time

Slide 5- Emporio Armani

Slide 6- Fossil

Slide 7- Shore Projects from Twisted Time