Like most busy people, procrastination is a regularly occurring issue. Even more so in a day and age where everything is constantly moving, opportunities can be missed if you’re not in the right place at the right time.

Take myself for example. I always say that I’m going to work out but almost never do, due to work, relaxation and my overhanging hopes that I still have that fast teenage metabolism. And let’s not even start with my diet!

So, I sought out London-based bicycle brand Fixation to help me with at least half of my problems. Being someone who can’t run for very long, a bike really helps with my much needed cardio workout. Hey, when you get tired pedalling, you can always sit and let the tires do the work! It kind of gives the illusion that you’re still working out right? Bike riding is encouraging and allows you to do a few laps round the park before your working day, and doesn’t everyone love a good view too?

Fixation’s bikes are something special. Smooth, inexpensive and stylish, this collection is built around one singular frame design in different sizes, colours and wheel types, and the price differentiates depending on the individual components added, like Shimano chains, SRAM Automatix system, metal pedals and a particularly special feature – a stem-mounted clock (£15.00, available on all bikes). Performance-wise, the ride is super smooth, and for added flexibility the premium bikes come with an SRAM Automatix two-speed automatic hub, that interchanges automatically to help you climb hills or build up speed.

I believe that picking to ride a stylish bicycle is the perfect extension of your own personality. If you’re very much the sartorial type, then a Fixation bike definitely fills the quota at an affordable price point. Our favourite is the Holborn Bike, with a colour scheme that reflects London, and a lightweight red hi-ten steel frame, white wheels, riser handlebars and a royal blue saddle, which we’ve traded out for an all-white style.

What’s your favourite bike from the Fixation London collection?


Ride with confidence,



OUTFIT: Abo wears MA-1 Jacket by Alpha Industries x Ben Sherman, Shirt by The Brooklyn Circus, Tie by Glendon Lambert, Bakerboy Hat by Ben Sherman, Indigo Denim by Energie and Brogues by Oliver Sweeney – Riding the Holborn bike by Fixation London


Head over to the new Fixation London store on Seven Dails Covent Garden to take a gander at the whole collection amongst other select accessories brands.

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Photography by Andrew James

Styling by John Jarrett 

Modelled by Abo @ First